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Storylink Radio

Jul 10, 2017

There are more than two dozen tales of Darby O'Gill.. These are the stories that the Disney movie 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People' was based upon!

Old as Ireland itself, these whimsical folktales bring you the jumble and tumble of men and magical creatures who walk the lanes of the Emerald Isle by day and wander its fields by night.

Henpecked husbands scheme to get rich; ghosts roam the land seeking rest. There are fortune-tellers and fairies, leprechauns and laggards, and priests — wise old Irish priests — straining their wits to contain the strange tumult of it all and to bring to their charmed land a measure of order and peace.

Haunted abbeys, mournful ghosts, enchanted gold, deadly brigands, and a host of fairies and leprechauns. Add to them Darby O’Gill and his wife Bridget, told by our professional Seanchai's, and you wind up with strange and exciting adventures that are sure to delight children and grown-ups alike!