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StoryLink Radio

Jun 24, 2017

When a young woman is sequestered at a Scottish castle, she accidentally completes an ancient ritual that summons a mythical prince, who turns out to be everything she's ever desired.
On the rocky coast of Scotland in 1929, Hexy, a young American, weeps into the sea and inadvertently summons a selkie prince, then steals his fur, thinking it belongs to her movie-star employer. In his human form Ruairidh is powerful and gorgeous, and his magic makes Hexy throw caution to the wind and rush to his bed. The selkie are an endangered species. No female child has been born to them for over a hundred years, and the mortal women with whom they mate can only produce male children. But Hexy is different. It's possible that she carries the MacNicol blood and may be the salvation of the selkie. No one will know, however, unless she can survive the snare set for her by an evil finman who has invaded her dreams and holds the souls of many hostage in his underwater cave. Jackson's page-turning paranormal romance will resonate with everyone who has been enchanted by tales of those who change their sea-bound forms to walk among humans.